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Carolyn Hopper is a freelance writer, photographer, artist, fisherman, with a particular passion for wildflowers and protecting our environment. In the past Carolyn has volunteered with the Audubon Society children’s programs and with the Montana Outdoor Science School (MOSS) to help connect the young and young at heart with nature when she is not out on a trail listening to bird songs, creek babblings, or getting to know the flowers.

Visit Carolyn's web site at www.carolynhopperauthor.com to review the 2017 release of her new book, "River Shadows," a Passage from Head to Heart


Dan Hopper is a native of the Gallatin Valley (Three Forks) and a freelance technical writer, proofreader, and copyeditor. His love of nature and music is seen through the eyes of his children and grandchildren as well as in the beauty of the Bozeman area.






Email: dan_hopper@bresnan.net



Photos on This Page: The authors...taken at North Cottonwood Trail head. Click to enlarge.


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